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2019 CYE Agenda

USAS Calendar Year-End

Closing Checklist

USAS Calendar Year End Closing Checklist


2019 USAS Calendar Year End Review

USPS Calendar Year-End

Closing Checklist

USPS Calendar Year End Closing Checklist


2019 USPS Calendar Year End Review

Supporting Documentation

  • 2019 W2 Information
    • W2 Form
    • W2 Form Explanation
  • Special Processing Situations
    • Third Party Sick Pay
      • Sample Third Party Sick Pay Notification
    • Deceased Employee Final Payment Procedures
    • Reimbursable Employee Expense Situations
  • Helpful Links:
    • Internal Revenue Service
    • W2 Instructions
    • Internal Revenue Service Publication 15-A
    • Internal Revenue Service Publication 15-B
    • Ohio Department of Taxation
    • Ohio Form IT-3
    • Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA)
    • Central Collection Agency (CCA)