Directions on how to import, run and remove the reports are listed as well.

Reporting Engine Report Downloads

This report will include all students with an entry date less than or equal to the October Count Week End Date entered at run time and an exit date that is blank OR greater than or equal to the October Count Week Start Date entered at run time.

Student Eligibility for Special Education is determined by looking at the student's Disability (OH_Disability) field on the FD record. If the value is blank or "**" then "N" is populated. All other values will populate the field with "Y".


v1.1 - Updated to look at the previous enrollment records when selecting students. The report previously would not include the correct students when running the report with start and end dates that are outside the current school year. Please remove previous versions installed before importing a newer version.

This report will produce a file that includes columns with the student numbers, student first names, student last names, student grade levels, guardian first names, guardian last names, relationship to students, email addresses and notification email addresses.  When parents and guardians create their accounts in the portal, they enter an email address, this will be reflected in the email address column.  If the parent/guardian chooses to sign up for email notifications, they have an option to enter a different email address and if they do so, this data will be reflected in the notification email column.


This report will produce a file that includes HPC data updated for 2016.  This includes the IEP start and end dates.

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