Download the most recent version of the script

The most recent copy is located here:

Save the page as

Make sure the file extension ends in .ps1 and the "Save As Type" is "All Files"

Copy the file to your domain controller and then copy the file to the server's clipboard

Configuring Group Policy Object

Open Group Policy Manager on a domain controller

Create a new group policy

Edit Policy

Go to Computer Configuration → Policies → Windows Settings → Scripts → Startup

Click the Powershell Scripts tab

Click Add

Click Browse...

Paste the Lightspeedutility.ps1 script into the explorer window

Select LightspeedUtility.ps1

Click Ok

Select the dropdown to "Run Windows PowerShell scripts first"

Click Ok

Close the Group Policy Management Editor Window and go to the Group Policy Management Window

Link the policy to the OU that contains the computer accounts that need to have the newest version of the Lightspeed Agent by right clicking on the OU and selecting "Link an Existing GPO..."