Since Google has forced encryption on all Google searches, the search queries page will no longer show searches unless you add a self-signed certificate to your Lightspeed Rocket. These are the instructions to do so.

This process will only work when your Lightspeed Rocket is configured as a proxy server. DO NOT proceed with these steps unless you're sure that your Rocket is configured as a proxy server.















Applying this certificate to Org Units that this will not apply to will NOT cause any harm. It's best to apply the certificate to your top-level Org Unit




MAKE SURE TO SELECT 'Use this certificate as an HTTPS certificate authority' or else this process will not work!




Make sure you allow enough time for the certificate to propagate to ALL of your devices prior to proceeding with the next step. Any devices that have not received the Chrome certificate will be blocked from all web traffic if the certificate has not reached them.

To confirm if a Chromebook has received the certificate, you can access the settings feature of a Chromebook and choose 'Advanced Settings', then scroll down to 'HTTPS/SSL' section and click on the 'Manage certificates...' button


The new certificate you uploaded to your Google Admin Console will be listed here.

When you're confident that all of your devices have received the certificate, proceed to the steps below