Affects of Specific Situations on W2 Reporting

This document describes the effects of situations a district may have on W2 reporting.

Note: The items listed here in bold italics affect balancing between W2PROC and QRTRPT. These items will cause the total gross on W2REPT to be higher than that found on QRTRPT as they apply.

Adoption assistance, cash payment

Adoption assistance, Section 125 treated as wages

Cost of Life Insurance over $50,000

Dependent Care Benefits

Educational Reimbursements

Employee Expense Reimbursements

Fringe Benefits

Health Savings Accounts (Employee portions)

Health Savings Accounts (Employer portions)

Insurance amounts paid to annuity company

Medical Savings Accounts

Medicare, employer pays employee share

Moving Expenses

Section 125 plans, treated as non-wages

SERS/STRS Employer Pickup (Annuitized)

SERS/STRS Non-annuitized

Third Party Sick Pay; Taxable

Third Party Sick Pay; Non-taxable

Use of Company Vehicle