Capital Asset Reporting for Non-EIS Districts

For those districts that DO NOT USE EIS, you will be required to use EMISFFE to enter your capital asset information. The steps to complete this are provided below:

1. Log into EMISFFE 


 2. After logging in, it displays the main menu along with your district's IRN only (not the district name).

Click on the "Capital Assets (QC)" link to add your capital asset data.

3. Prior year's entries should be retained.  Click on an existing record's ID# from the "Capital Assets List" to view last year's data.  Click on the EDIT icon to modify the record's data.

4.  If you need to add a new record, click on "NEW CAPITAL ASSETS"

Ο On the "Capital Assets Code" box, select a code from the drop down list. A listing of available codes and their meanings are on the last page of this document

Ο Enter the prior year balance. You will need to reference either last year's ending balance or this year's beginning balance for the amount for this code

Ο Enter total amount of additions (items added) during the current year for this asset code

Ο Enter total amount of deductions (items deleted) during the current year for this asset code

Ο Click on "CREATE" when finished and repeat step 3 if you need to enter additional capital asset codes. A screenshot of creating a capital asset record is displayed on the next page.

DBI  Depreciable Capital Assets, Buildings and Building Improvements
DBK Depreciable Capital Assets, Books
DFE Depreciable Capital Assets, Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment
DIN  Depreciable Capital Assets, Infrastructure
DLI  Depreciable Capital Assets, Land Improvements
DVE Depreciable Capital Assets, Vehicles
LBI   Accumulated Depreciation, Buildings and Building Improvements
LBK Accumulated Depreciation, Books
LFE Accumulated Depreciation, Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment
LIN  Accumulated Depreciation, Infrastructure
LLI  Accumulated Depreciation, Land Improvement
LVE Accumulated Depreciation, Vehicles
NDC Capital Assets not being depreciated, Construction in Progress
NDL Capital Assets not being depreciated, Land



Please refer to the last page of this document if you would like further explanation on the above asset categories.

When you are finished creating your capital asset records, you may click on "CAPITAL ASSETS LIST" to see a listing of the capital asset codes you have added.

In most cases, there are no validations done within the FFE application. If bad data is inputted into a field, the record may be saved without errors. You won't find out about the bad data until you receive the validation reports from EMIS-R



Exporting files may be handled by your EMIS Coordinator. Please contact him/her requesting to export your Period H "QC Financial Data" from EMISFFE. If you are responsible for exporting the data:



The following definitions determine the asset category in which an amount should be included for capital asset reporting (found in EMIS User Guide).