This procedure outlines the steps to be taken to close the USPS fiscal year for NWOCA districts.

Cost of Life Insurance over $50,000

EMIS Staff Reporting

Please note the EMIS year-end reporting process may or may not be completed, depending on your internal policy
EMIS absence and attendance days are calculated for you through the job calendars and attendance posting. Make adjustments using USPSCN/ATDSCN if discrepancies can not be found on the calendars or ATDSCN entries.

Month-End Closing

Quarter-End Closing

- Annuities
Adjusted Gross Calculated

The Adjusted gross calculated should equal the adjusted gross amount from QRTRPT. This should be true for all adjusted gross figures in the "Totals" section.

These amounts may not balance due to the way W2PROC handles certain amounts (e.g. Medicare pickup)

If errors are discovered, check employees that had exception processing during the quarter such as voided checks, error adjustments, or manual changes in USPSCN. The AUDRPT program can be useful in identifying these problems

Mobile employees could cause discrepancies.

STRS Advance Processing

Even Though the board will not be advancing the money to STRS as in the past, the process for the annual reporting is the same as prior years.

Employees flagged as full-time must have at least 120 service days to be granted a full year of service credit toward retirement. Employees flagged as part-time will be given credit according to STRS rules outlined in the STRS Employer's Manual. If you are in doubt about an employee's part-time or full-time status, contact STRS and obtain a ruling.

♦  Option 2 also flags eligible jobs as in advance mode until the last payment in the contract has been paid. At that time, the advance flag is turned off and the job is no longer considered in advance mode. Print and file the final copies of the STRSAD.TXT and STRSAD.RPT reports.

Due to the importance of your STRSAD reports, please do not proceed with the next step until notified by NWOCA with an email.

Quarter-End Closing Completion

Fiscal Year-End Closing

Due to the importance of securing a copy of the payroll files once the fiscal copy procedure is complete, you will receive an automated email message indicating you are NOT to proceed with the next step in this procedure until notified by NWOCA.The NWOCA Fiscal Staff will insure the copy procedure ran successfully and will then respond to you via email with instructions to continue with the procedure. Please wait until this message is received from NWOCA before proceeding. We will attempt to contact you as soon as possible.

Post Fiscal Year-End Closing

Restrictions during the advance:

  • Modifications cannot be made to certain fields on jobs in the advance mode.
  • Certain Pay Types can be processed on advance jobs. See the STRS chapter of the USPS User Guide for details

You have completed the USPS Fiscal Year End Closing procedures.