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There is a difference in reporting a student as retained and actually the reporting of the FN retention status field.


To report a student as retained – the FD and FN data needs to be properly coded in your S/SOES end of year reporting


FD field


FN field

So when the FD state grade level equivalent and the FN grade level next year file are the same – that is the proper coding for a reporting the student as retained in the S/SOES End of Year Collection.


The FN Retained Status field gets reported the following fall in the Retained Student Collection for the students you retained in your S/SOES End of Year reporting.


Keep in mind if you update the FN Retained status field now for End of year reporting you are not reporting your students as retained properly AND when you run your EMIS End of Year State Update process you run the risk of clearing that data back to the default value of *.  Which means you will need to update that field again for the Retention manifest that will open next fall.