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Importing Local Attendance Pattern **


  1. At the building level, pick the kids you wish to make the Local Attendance Pattern be **.
  2. Then Select Special Functions, Importing and Exporting, Data Export Manager.

  1. Under Columns to Export: Category, Database Extensions ; Export From, S_OH_STU_FD_X
  2. On the left hand side select: Students DCID , and Local_Att_Pattern

  1. Then select Next.
  2. Select Next again
  3. Select Export.
  4. Now open your document into an Excel Spreadsheet.



  1. In you spreadsheet you will want to put ** in the Local Attendance pattern for all students.
  2. When finished, Save your spreadsheet as a CSV file.
  3. Switch back to Powerschool and make sure you are in the DISTRICT so you can import back in.
  4. Select Special Functions, Importing and Exporting, Data Import Manager
  5. Source, select your saved CSV file, Import into , S_OH_STU_FD_X and Field Delimiter needs to be Comma


  1. Select Next and then you should see your fields mapped, select Next again

  1. Leave the box checked to exclude First row and then select the button to Update existing record

  1. Select Import. It will say Failed:0. Don’t worry about this. Go to the top right corner of the page and select Refresh .

  1. You will now see the number of records Imported at the bottom of the page.  The records will all say updated.


  1. You will need to do this process for all buildings where you need to update attendance patterns.