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Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) Step Sheet

Set-Up for Parts 1 and 2

Schedule for the 2013-14 CRDC

The 2013-14 CRDC will collect information about the 2013–14 school year from a universe of every public school district and school. OCR will be contacting all school districts this spring to provide additional information. Information about the CRDC will also be posted at .


  The major phases of the data collection include:

Fall 2013 – Early Summer 2014: LEAs gather data elements collected on the CRDC.

Fall 2014 – Winter 2014: Survey submission window for LEAs to submit their data to OCR.


You can also find data on the CRDC by going to


How is PowerSchool creating the tables?   PowerSchool is gathering the counts for the tables based on students who have a 1 in district relationship and a percent of time greater than 0 (zero).    These are the students who are included.  Then the counts are broken down by the CRDC categories for each table.  PowerSchool is considering history – if a student was handicapped on the “Count date” for Part 1 and subsequently changes his/her status for oh_disability – the student will be included as handicapped in the count date. 


To begin set up:


Set Term to equal the year for which this CRDC is being reported – if you are doing the 2013-14 school year CRDC – set Term to 13-14 Year

Navigation: Start > District > Schools/SchoolInfo > Edit School

  1. For each school in the district navigate to the Edit School page and scroll to the Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) Link and click

  1. The Civil Rights Data Collection page opens, explanations follow:
  • LEA-001 Lea Level Counts of Schools – if you do not want this school counted in your total number of physical buildings set to Yes.  This would be for a Graduate building or an Electronic building, Out of district, etc.
  • SCH-0001. Grades Offered (Lowest to Highest) – the grades are populated for you based on school set up.
    • Does this school have ungraded students ? – Answer Yes if true.  Leave blank or set to No if you wish.
  • SCH-0002. School Characteristics – Answer questions A thru E as appropriate
  • SCH-0003. Does the entire school population participate in the magnet school program?  This will be grayed out if you did not set SCH-002 – B to Yes.
  • SCH-0004. This alternative school is designed to meet the needs of the following.     (Check all that apply).  This will be grayed out if you did not set SCH-002-D to Yes.
  • SCH-0016. Different Advanced Placement (AP) Courses and Selection
    • A. Are students allowed to self-select to participate in AP courses?  Answer Yes if true.
  • SCH-0024. School Form Level Comments (Part 1) – add comments as needed/desired .
  • SCH-0025/0026. Students Who Passed Algebra I

*** This only needs completed for buildings offering Algebra 1 to  7 – 12 graders.***

(*Specify which store codes for the school term should be considered as the final grade for a class.)

  • Click on the link to access the page

Click on New

  • Choose Term from drop down.
  • Enter Store Code(s) separated by comma if more than one exists for the term.
  • Submit.  Repeat for multiple terms if final grades are stored in multiple terms.
  • When complete – click back in navigation menu to Civil Rights Data Collection page.


SCH-0027a. Does this school have any high school aged students in its ungraded classes? This will be grayed out if you did not choose Yes in SCH-001 above.

SCH-0034. Interscholastic Athletics - Sports, Teams, and Participants

  • Enter counts after reading instructions published by Office of Civil Rights

SCH-0046. School Form Level Comments (Part 2)


  1. If the district offers single-sex classes – navigate to the Sections page

Scroll to bottom of page and click on:

The page opens:

Choose Male Only or Female Only and Submit

After setting up all schools as needed move to student information.

You may need to use the student field value function in PowerSchool to clear out the CRDC fields for some students – those fields are:


CRDC_APExamPassed CRDC_GEDPrepProgram_YN

CRDC_GEDPrepProgramCred_YN CRDC_harassedDisability_YN

CRDC_harassedRaceColorNatl_YN CRDC_harassedSex_YN

CRDC_SAT_YN CRDC_StudentServedOutOfDist











Start Page > Student Selection > Ohio State Information > CRDC tab


Question 1. If you answer this as Yes, the student is removed from all counts.  Use this for students who do not physically attend classes in your school buildings.  That might include students served outside your district at an ESC unit or MRDD unit.


Questions 2 through 10 – Answer these questions that will populate the CRDC part 2 tables.  You can use Student Field Value to mass update groups of students for these questions. 


After set up is complete navigate to the state reports page:

Start Page > Reports > Reports (State Reports)


Select the CRDC Report – Part 1

  • Select all schools or current only
  • Enter your district-determined Count Date
  • Enter your district-determined IDEA Count Date
  • Schedule to run later if you wish
  • Click Submit


Select the CRDC Report – Part 2

  • Select all schools or current only
  • Select School Year for the report
  • Schedule to run later if you wish
  • Click Submit