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Calculating the Honor Roll


Honor roll may be calculated for a group of students after setting up your honor roll method and levels.

When the honor roll is calculated, records are created in the HonorRoll table with the associated Store code for any student who meets the criteria of the honor roll.

For more information on Honor Roll Setup, refer to articles 7825 and 7178 .

For information on deleting erroneous honor roll records, refer to article 7886 .

Calculating the Honor Roll:

  1. Log into the appropriate school.
  2. Select a group of students.
  3. Navigate to Start Page > System > Calculate Honor Roll.
  4. Choose the selection of students for which you would like to calculate honor roll.
  5. Enter the store code you would like associated with the honor roll records created by this calculation. For example, if you have setup your honor roll method to be based on Q3, you could enter Q3.*
  6. Select your desired honor roll method from the pull down menu.
  7. Click the Submit button.

*   Note: The store code is only a label; it does not determine the grades used to calculate the honor roll. The grades are determined by the settings in the GPA calculation set in the honor roll levels.

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