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Classic EMIS Payroll Checklist

This checklist is to be used at the start of the Fiscal Year to prepare for the Initial Staff and Course Collection.

  • 1. Mark any new employees to report to EMIS for the new fiscal year.
    • They will need a Y for reportable to EMIS in their BIOSCN and their JOBSCN, this may include multiple jobs.
    • Make sure Credential IDs are entered on BIOSCN in "State Assigned ID" field.
    • Update education and semester hours if applicable in DEMSCN, for new and current employees.
    • Enter any prior years of experience in DEMSCN.
    • Other Areas to update may include:
      • Position Code in JOBSCN
      • Assign Area, Code, and % in JOBSCN
      • Use ODE EMIS Manual as a resource for coding and descriptions of codes.
  • 2. Update/add any CC or CJ records.
    • Using the USPSWeb Application add CC or CJ records.
    • Once all data has been updated, run EMISR_COPY in the USPS_LCL menu.
      • This procedure extracts the CC and CJ data and loads it to the Data Collector for submission.
  • 3. Clear long term illness data from last fiscal year.
    • Use CLRATD located under the USPS_ANN menu
  • 4. Increment years of experience for employees.
    • Using MASINC under the USPS_MNT -> MASCHG menu
    • This screen can be sorted by different status, appointment types, reportable to EMIS, and hire date.
    • Your new employees will not get incremented until next year.
  • 5. Set "Report to EMIS" to not reportable for employees that have been reported as no longer employed one reporting period.
    • Using USPCHG under the USPS_MNT menu, use option 3 to modify EMIS report flag to "no" for jobs with separation date <= (less than) date given.
  • 6. Update employees that are no longer employed in the district or in specific positions.
    • Change Separation Reason and Date in POSSCN or JOBSCN. Status in POSSCN will remain "C" Continuing.
    • Employees need to be reported once with a Separation Reason and date, then before the next reporting period you will set these specific jobs and/or employees to "no" for reporting to EMIS as detailed in step 5 above.
  • 7. Clear or update any values in EMIS override fields if necessary (hours per day, contract amt, work days, FTE).
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