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  • STRS input file layout needed for STRSAD Merge
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Position 1-4           X(4)           District number
Position 5-12         9(6)V99     Deduction FTD amount
(non-annuitized employee amount from 450 deduction record)

Position 13-16       X(4)           Year
Position 17-19       9V99         Service credit (ex. 1.00 =100%, .5 = 50%)
Position 20-20        Xl)            Retiree flag
Position 21-29        X(9)          SSN
Position 30-44        X(15)        Employee last name
Position 45-59        X(15)        Employee first name
Position 60-67        9(6)V99    Pick-up FTD amount
Position 68-107      X(40)        Address Line 1
Position 108-147    X(40)        Address Line 2
Position 148-187    X(40)        Address Line 3
Position 188-207    X(20)        City
Position 208-209    X(2)          State
Position 210-214    X(5)          Zipcode
Position 215-218    X(4)          Zipcode plus 4
Position 219-220    X(2)          Delivery point zip
Position 221-228    9(6)V99    Accrued Contributions

Position 229-278    X(50)        Email Address

Position 279-288    9(10)         Phone Number

Position 289           9(1)           Phone Number Type

Position 290           X(61)        Reserved

 Total Record Length = 350

**Note: for fields with 9(?)V99 the V means implied decimal.

The 9 means numeric and the X means alphanumeric.
This file should be in an a .csv file extension. There is NO header record
and there are no comma's separating it. It is all driven by position.

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