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This page is a draft

  1. Enter all transactions for the current month

  2. Period End - increment the default transaction period by one. 
    Main Menu→Fund Accounting→Periodic Routines→Period End
  3. Reconcile checks 
    1. Reconcile checks from file

      1. Upload Bank file to the server 
        Main Menu->e-Forms&Tools->All-Upload Files

        1. Browse to find the file copied from the bank

        2. Choose your directory, recommend H://rpt 

        3. Name the File to put on the server (i.e. JUNEAP.SEQ)

        4. Click on Ok

      2. Reconcile checks from file 
        Main Menu→Fund Accounting→Vendor Checks→Reconcile Checks from File

        1. Select the Bank Format

        2. Disbursement Fund

        3. Data File Name, will be the same path used to 'Upload file' - (i.e. H:/rpt/JUNEAP.SEQ)

        4. Check mark if you only want to receive a report about checks that did not reconcile otherwise leave blank to see all checks


    2. Post cleared Vendor Checks - manually reconcile checks
      Main Menu→Fund Accounting→Vendor Checks→Post Cleared Vendor Checks
      1. Enter check selection criteria 
      2. Enter the date the checks cleared
      3.  Click OK it initiate processing
      4. Review the information selected
      5. Click on Yes to confirm.

        If only a single check is being cleared it will make the update and return the user to the Post Cleared Vendor Checks page.

      6. If clearing a range of checks the system opens a Post Cleared Vendor Checks listing page
      7. Un-check the box next to any vendor check that should not be cleared
      8. Click Ok
      9. Select the report/error log destination 

        Error log only prints if one of the selected checks is not cleared.

      10. Click ok
  4. Run month end reports 

    Recommend creating a fiscal year folder than a month folder underneath each to keep monthly reports for auditors outside of eFP (similar to monthlyCD used by state software).

    1. Detailed po
    2. Detailed check
    3. Detail Expenditure Status
    4. Detail Revenue status
    5. Receipt
    6. OH Cash position
    7. OH Fund Activity Report
  5. Bank reconciliation
    Main Menu→Fund Accounting→Periodic Routines→Bank Reconciliation
    1. Complete the fields in the Bank Statement Information & Interest Fees Section
    2. Click OK
    3. If there is not any information in a tab it will display a message indicating this.
    4. Reconcile your account (by clearing transactions in the deposits, payments and journal entries tabs.)
    5. Once Satisified check mark complete and then complete the reconciliation by clicking on Reconcile, select yes to confirm. 

      Once you check mark it 'complete' and reconcile you will no longer be able to change the records displayed

    6. Generate a report by clicking on Report

      1. Make appropriate selections
      2. click ok



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