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Description: ADPassMon is a small menu bar application that shows the number of days remaining until your Active Directory password expires.

Cost: Free


Server Cleanup 3

Description: Server Cleanup is a program designed to correct and/or modify user home folders in an Apple network home folder environment. It allows an administrator to make changes to folders on the server in batch or individually.

Cost: Free



Description: The Mac server account creation, permissions setting, and password generation tool.

Cost: Starts at $60


Deploy Studio

Description: Image, Deploy and Configure Mac OS X clients via this free centralized server software.

Cost: Free


Carbon Copy Cloner

Description: Carbon Copy Cloner offers fast, incremental backups that copy only items that differ from the last backup, as well as checksum analysis of your backed up files, archiving and archive management, and backup task scheduling. With CCC, you can back up to a locally-attached hard drive, to a network volume, or to another Macintosh across your network or across the Internet.

Cost: Free


JAMF Casper Suite Resource Kit

Description: The Casper Suite Resource Kit is a collection of useful tools, including scripts, applications, and custom reports, that extend the functionality currently provided in the Casper Suite.  While designed for use with the Casper Suite, many of the scripts can be used independently. 

Cost: Free


Mac OS X Server - Changing the hostname

Mac OS X Server is very dependent on DNS.  The hostname of your server should match what is in DNS.  Here's how:

For this example the IP address of my server is and the DNS name is

  1. Check DNS for the correct IP address
    1. Open Terminal and type: nslookup
    2. This should return: Address:
  2. Check DNS for the correct hostname
    1. Open Terminal and type: nslookup
    2. This should return: name =
  3. If either of the first two steps don't return the correct result, fix your DNS server before moving forward.
  4. Check your server to see if your hostname matches what is in DNS
    1. Open Terminal and type: sudo changeip -checkhostname
    2. This will tell your if your hostname matches what is in DNS.
    3. If it says "The names match. There is nothing to change" - you are good.
    4. If is says there is a mismatch, it will give you the command to enter into Terminal to change your hostname.
      1. Once finished restart your server and make sure all your services in Server Admin are healthy.

More Information

Imaging computers with Lion & Mountain Lion

Description: This tool can be used to create installer packages for Lion and Mountain Lion.

Cost: Free


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