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Loading instructions for Federal Deduction COVID reporting
Using the USPLOAD/DEDSCN program, the 3 COVID reporting fields can be imported into the Federal Deduction with a spreadsheet. These amounts will appear on Box 14 of the employee's W2.

  • 1. Create spreadsheet with the specific column headings listed below:
    • DED_CODE

  • 2. Fill in the ID, code for Federal "001", and the amounts that you have tracked for each individual.

  • 3. The 3 COVID fields have max amounts.
    • COVID Self - $5,110
    • COVID Other - $2,000
    • COVID Emergency - $10,000

  • 4. Save the spreadsheet as a .csv. Remember the format of the DED_CODE column needs to be 3 characters in length for the system to recognize the leading zeros in the 001 deduction.

  • 4. Transfer the .csv file to Reflections using FileZilla or the File Transfer in Reflections
  • 5. To upload the data go to USPLOAD, then the DEDSCN option.

  • 6. View the COVID amounts in your employee's 001 Federal Tax Deduction Record.
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