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This is intended to be one time use instructions to 'catch up' inventory for districts using the Classic EIS system that went live on the Redesign BEFORE December 5th, 2018.

Catch up extract for inventory items Report Definition - This report will extract all invoice items you wish to apply to the EIS Pending file based on the object code, threshold and date range you select.  You should run this report if you migrated to the redesign prior to Dec 5th, 2018 and intend to use the Classic EIS Inventory system.  This report does not include check numbers so if that information is needed you will need to add that in EIS when adding the item. This report should be run ONE TIME in order to "catch up" the pending file.  Subsequent additions to the pending file should be made by running the SSDT Inventory Pending Extract. Click here for further instructions on creating the SSDT Inventory Pending Extract and importing into the EIS pending file.