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  •  8.  For any city reporting to CCA, verify the following:
    • On the USPSDAT/DEDNAM city record(s) verify the CCA assigned code is entered, flag is set to Y, and CCA assigned description is entered.
    • Any district that reports to the CCA must also make sure that they review the Appendices that the CCA has published.  City codes MUST be in for cities on these lists, regardless if they are a CCA city or not.  These cities get reported in the file that is sent to CCA and must be coded.  
    • For the employees having the CCA or any other city tax withheld, verify the USPSCN/DEDSCN Employ/Residence flag is marked as C (Employment) or R (Residence). 
      titleThis is required
    • Finally, please check your employee's addresses to make sure you are following the guidelines set up by the US Postal Service in Publication  28:
  •  9.  Verify any USPSDAT/DEDNAM records being used for HSA purposes have the Annuity type field set to I (Section 125, Health Savings Acct (HSA)).
  •  10.  For those employees that have received payments due to Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA), these amounts need to be reported on the employee's W2.  These can be entered on the employee's USPSCN/DEDSCN Federal 001 record or using USPLOAD/DEDSCN.  For details on how this should be reported, click here.