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This checklist is set up to help you navigate through an entire year of EMIS Staff and Course reporting.  Please see the sections below for the appropriate times to consult the checklist.


Table of Contents

titlePlease Note:
  • There are three Report to EMIS flags that determine how information is being reported.
    • Employee - Report to EMIS field.
    • Position - Reportable to EMIS
    • Compensation - EMIS Compensation
  • Any information entered in the EMIS Override Contract Amount, EMIS Override Contract Work Days, EMIS Override Hours in a Day, and EMIS Override FTE will be reported and not what is on the Employee and Compensation records.
  • By default, archived records are not included in your EMIS submission.
  • There is not a PERDET report or USPSEMX option in the Redesign. Once the collection is processed, reference the Level One reports for any errors that may have occurred.