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  •  5. The total gross showing on Quarter Report should equal the total of all payroll disbursement checks created during Payroll Posting to USAS for the quarter.
    •  Once balanced if a hard copy of the report is desired print the  Quarter Report.
In the redesign software there is no clearing of quarter to date totals.
  •  6. It is recommended that you balance the W2Report quarterly to minimize problems at calendar year-end.


  •  8. Go to Processing/Outstanding Payable and verify that there are no outstanding Payroll Items. (Screen should be empty)
  •  9. The total of all Employer Distribution amounts (if tracked on the system) should equal the total of all USAS accounts payable checks to the vendor or deduction company.
  •  10. Complete and file any required quarter-end submission forms.
  •  11. For city withholdings, take the total gross times the percentage to be sure the tax withheld and submitted are correct.
Mobile employees could cause discrepancies.
  •  12. Only if hard copies of quarter end reports are desired, run the following:
    •  Reports/Employee Master (all data)
    •  Reports/Employee Earnings Register


You are now ready to proceed with payroll for the new quarter.