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      The required fields are in Red. Below is an exploitation of each field.

  • Control Number:  Start a New Batch file by entering a unique (unused) number.  To add payables to an existing batch, enter the batch's control number.  Using a batch file enables you to group items and then process vendor checks for all the items included in the batch.

  • Period/Yr:  The fiscal year period and year associated with the payable. This defaults to the current period and fiscal defined in the Fund Accounting Profile and show not be modified.

  • Vendor:  Code identifying the vendor you are paying. When entering a code, the Vendor Address displays for you to verify the Accounts Payable address. To associate a different address with the Vendor, use the Alternate Vendor option at the top of the page.

    After you select a Vendor or Alternate Vendor address, the system displays the corresponding EFT indicator next to the Cash Account field.
  • Invoice:  Invoice number or other reference information for the bill you are paying.

  • Invoice Date:  Issue Date that appears on your Vendor Invoice.

  • Due Date:  The system defaults to the current system date.

  • Cash Acct:  Cash Account code for this transaction. You must enter an asset account number (accounts beginning with an "A"). The system defaults the account defined in the Fund Accounting Profile.

  • Single Check:  Checkbox indicating whether the system should print the check for this invoice independently from any other payments made to this vendor.