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  • USPS Calendar Year-end Checklist

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    5) Run BENACC if applicable

Quarter-End Closing

    6) Run QRTRPT selecting the demand option (N).

    7) In the “Totals” section of QRTRPT, the gross and adjusted gross should balance using a manual calculation

Code Block
- Annuities
    Adjusted gross calculated


The Adjusted gross calculated should equal the adjusted gross amount from QRTRPT. This should be true for all adjusted gross figures in the “Totals” section.

    8) All deduction checks for the quarter should equal the total deductions showing on QRTRPT. Be sure to verify the electronic transfers of federal and Medicare payments as well. This should be true for every deduction code.


     If the DPCARE deduction type is being used no further action is necessary.


Questions on whether the dependent care is reportable or not should be directed to your district legal advisor

    31a) Insure portions of annuities identified as insurance are adjusted on the deduction records so they are taxed properly. If you are notified of this situation, you will need to increase the taxable gross on the 001, 002, and OSDI deductions for the amount identified as insurance and decrease the YTD annuity amount by the amount identified as insurance. If the city honored the annuity when the amount was withheld, the city records should also be updated.