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  1. Fund Accounting→ Entry & Processing→ General Ledger→ Balance Sheet
  2. Click on 
  3.  Leave it checked if you will be adding numerous pairings. Uncheck it if you are only creating one or it is the last one at this time. 
  4. Enter in 
  5. Enter in 


    You can use the to look up Account codes if needed.


    You must link each cash account to a minimum of the 13 ledger accounts defined in your Fund Account Profile.

    A10100 Cash                                                                       E34330 Revenue Control

    A10102 A10100 Payroll Cash                                                          E34331 Revenue Bud Control

    L21100 Accounts Payable                                                 E34340 Fund Balance

    E34110 Reserve for Encum                                              E34341 Budget Fund Balance

    E34111 Pay Reserve for Encum

    E34310 Expenditure Control

    E34311 Expenditure Budget Control

    E34320 Encumbrance Control

    E34321 Pay Encumbrance Control

  6. Click on to save.