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  • USAS Calendar Year-end Closing Checklist

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◊  In the USAEMSEDT program, option 1, enter your cash reconciliation information


Ο  B) Run BALCHK , and Outstanding PODETL reports



◊  Examine the MTD, YTD, and FYTD expenditure lines on BALCHK report (dollar amounts for cash, budget, & approp. accts should all be identical for each line on report)


Ο  C) Run FINSUMM, selecting "Y" to generate the FINDET report for comparison.


◊  This will cause the FINDET report to be generated with identical selection criteria as the FINSUMM and will determine if it balances with FINSUMM.


Δ   9) Log into your NORMAL account and run the ADJUST program.


◊  Select "month end processing" and indicate that all of your transactions for the month are completed. The ADJUST program will also automatically calculate your SM2 for the month.


Δ   12) Run the program F1099


Ο  A) If you are ready to process your 1099's, run the F1099 program from your NORMAL account

You will be asked your district information at the beginning of the program. The defaults in the reporting requirements section are the recommended settings but can be overwritten if desired. Be sure to say Y create a tape file as this is the file that will be sent to the IRS.

Ο  B) If you are NOT ready to process your 1099's, continue on with the rest of the closing procedures and when you are ready, you may run the F1099 program from your 'B' account.




◊  Will reset all vendors flagged as "Reported" to "Reportable"


Δ   14) Run the program ADJUST again from your NORMAL account.


◊  Select the "Year-End" option and run for "Calendar".