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This page was created for EMIS Documentation that Student Services creates.  Some of the documents were presented at our spring or fall meetings.

Table of Contents

EMIS FY20 Documentation
EMIS FY19 Documentation
EMIS FY18 Documentation
EMIS FY17 Documentation
EMIS FY16 Documentation
EMIS FY15 Documentation

NWOCA Student Services hosts two EMIS meetings per year.  

Spring 14N EMIS Meeting May 15th, 2014

The Spring Fall EMIS Meeting was held on May October 16, 2013.

To view the recording, click the link:  Thank you for your patience as we tested the WebEx feature for this meeting.  We think it went well and hope to continue offering the meeting via WebEx.Fall EMIS Meeting 2013.mp4

Fall 2013 EMIS Meeting

The Spring EMIS Meeting was held on May 16, 2013.  

To view the recording, click the link:  Spring EMIS Meeting 2013.mp4The following documents were covered at the

Spring 2013 EMIS Meeting



Other EMIS Documentation


Previous EMIS Meetings

          Fall 2012 EMIS Meeting:        


  Spring 2012 EMIS Meeting: