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  • Financial (Period H) Submission Checklist

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With that being said, we strongly recommend districts hold off making any updates to their OPUs or accounts (i.e. ACTCHG/FNDCHG) in FY18 FY19 until AFTER they have completed their EMIS-R reporting for FY17 FY18 Period H.

Uploading a Flat File in EMIS-R Data Collector:


Ο Locate the Data Source for the Financial period (may be named "Financial") and click on "Manage"  The flat files from last year may be retained in the financial data source record.  Please delete them before uploading your flat files for FY15FY18.


       Ο Click "Upload File" to select the financial flat file currently stored on your computer (i.e. USAEMS_EMISR.SEQ or EISEMS.SEQ or EMISFFE capital asset file)



Be sure to check any and all reports that are returned from ODE in regards to Period H submissions. An example of reports that you will receive back are 2017X2018X_GEN_ISSUES.TXT and 2017H2018H_EXPND_AMT_BY_CAT_2017XXXX2018XXXX.CSV. For more information/explanation of those reports please see ODE's EMIS Documentation on their website.