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titleI’m not ready to run my 1099s yet.  Can I still close December, run CYE ADJUST and do my 1099s later?

Yes.  When you are ready to run your 1099s, you MUST run them from your B account!  


They have to be run from your B account before you run MONTHEND copy for January. 

titleWhat if I need to make changes to my vendors before I run F1099 in my B account?

Log into USASWEB using your B account username and password.  When doing so, you may have to select between your B account and your live data.  Make sure you select B account.


 If the changes warrant the vendor to be updated in the live files as well (address change, tax ID #, etc), please make sure to log into your live account and update the vendor data. *TIN Type is only displayed in USASCN/VENSCN

titleI forgot to run CYE ADJUST and have been processing in January. Can I still run CYE ADJUST in my live files?

No!  Manual intervention must be done from NWOCA’s fiscal staff to adjust your CTD amounts on both the account and vendor file.  Please contact NWOCA.  

 If you aren’t sure you ran it, you can confirm by running a BUDSUM, including CTD expended amounts.   At the beginning of a calendar year, your CTD and your MTD expended should match.  If your CYTD amounts are much higher than MTD, it’s a good indication you did not run CYE ADJUST.

titleI forgot to run WORKCOMP at calendar year-end time. Can I run it from my B account?

It depends on what month your “B” account is in..

    • If your “B” account still contains your December data, yes, you can run WORKCOMP from your B account.  
    • If your “B” account contains January or later months data,  then you must contact NWOCA and we will copy your CYE data to your “D” account and you can run it from there.