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Please note the EMIS year-end reporting process may or may not be completed, depending on your internal policy.  Please refer to the USPS EMIS Staff and Course Collection Checklist to be certain all areas have been completed throughout the school year.


  •  7. Run QRTRPT selecting option N - No Totals Zeroed (Demand Report).

    8.  In the "Totals" section of QRTRPT, the gross and adjusted gross should balance using a manual calculationverify there is no amount listed in the Difference in Gross columns.


     - Annuities

    +Non-Cash Earnings

    Total Adjusted gross calculated

    The Adjusted gross calculated should equal the adjusted gross amount from QRTRPT. This should be true for all adjusted gross figures in the "Totals" section


     Calculated Adj Gross


    Total Gross = Total gross on all USPSCN/JOBSCN (third screen) records under the QTD Amount column.

    Total Annuities = Total of all Deduct Total in the QTD Totals column on all USPSCN/DEDSCN records with Deduction Type equaling Annuity.

    Non-Cash Earnings = Total of all Non-Cash earn in the QTD Amount column on all USPSCN/JOBSCN (third screen) records.

    Total Adjusted Gross = Total Tax gross in the QTD Totals column on all USPSCN/DEDSCN/Federal Tax records.

    Calculated Adj Gross = Total Gross - Total Annuities + Non-Cash Earnings

    Total Adjusted Gross = Calculated Adj Gross

    If it does not, please reference the chapter in SSDT's User Guide/Userful Procedures called 'Quarter and Year End Balancing.'


    9. All deduction checks for the quarter should equal the total deductions showing on QRTRPT.  Be sure to verify all electronic payments as well.

    • CHKSTS can be run to generate a listing of deduction check totals.
      • Sort Option = C
      • Print Option = A
      • Check Type = D, E, G
      • Leave all other selection fields blank
  •  10. The total gross showing on QRTRPT should equal the total of all payroll clearance checks created for the quarter.
    • CHEKPY can be run to generate a listing of all payroll clearance check.
      • Sort options = C
      • Sub-total by vendor = N
      • Print missing check numbers = N
      • Check types to select = P
      • Check statuses to select = leave blank
      • Print vendor from PO or check = P
      • Date Selection = first day in quarter to last day of quarter
      • Check Selection = leave blank
      • Summary or Detail report = S
      • Single or Double space summary report = S



Employees flagged as full-time must have at least 120 service days to be granted a full year of service credit toward retirement. Employees flagged as part-time will be given credit according to STRS rules outlined in the STRS Employer's Manual. If you are in doubt about an employee's part-time or full-time status, contact STRS and to obtain a ruling.

In order for a job to advance, it must meet these three criteria:

  • On JOBSCN, the work days must equal the days worked.
  • On JOBSCN, the number of pays paid must be less than the number of pays.
  • On JOBSCN, the contract obligation can not equal the amount paid plus any amount docked (if applicable).