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Please note the EMIS year-end reporting process may or may not be completed, depending on your internal policy.  Please refer to the USPS EMIS Initial Staff and Course Collection Checklist to be certain all areas have been completed throughout the school year.

    2  If your EMIS Staff and Course Collection- Final is complete, proceed to step 3.  If your EMIS Staff and Course Collection - Final is not complete, please continue with step 2A.


    2A.  Run the USPEMS/USPEMX program to generate a file(s) containing your fiscal year information prior to entering information for the next fiscal year. Refer to the EMIS Staff Reporting Guide for complete reporting procedures.


    •  Once your USPEMX.SEQ file has been created, send an email to stating so.  
    •  You will receive email confirmation from NWOCA fiscal staff confirming your file is ready and you may continue processing.

Month-End Closing

  •  4. Run RETIRE/STRSMONTH.    When the 'Clear STRS MTD accumulators' field is set to Y, the month to date accumulators on the 450/591/691 DEDSCN records are cleared and the new employee flag (previously Y and R) for new employees will be set to "N"on the 450 DEDSCN record.   
    •  Under Reporting Options:
      • Single or Double spaced detail = your preference
      • Clear STRS MTD accumulators = the report can be generated the first time with this prompt set to N for verification purposes, then another time with this prompt set to Y.
      • Reporting month and year = current processing month
      • Include employees with FYTD amount only = user preference
  •  Run RETIRE/SERSMONTH.   The SERSMONTH is a mandatory report since it also creates month-end reporting for CHKSTS, BENRPT and ABS101.  When SERSMONTH is ran and the Clear SERS MTD accumulators? (Y,N): is set to Y,  it will automatically generate AUDRPT, CHKSTS, BENRPT and ABS101, clear out the month-to-date accumulators on the 400, 590 and 690 records and also set any New Employee flag that was set to "R" on the 400 DEDSCN record to an "N".  The running of SERSMONTH also places the PAYROLLCD reports in the correct directories.
  •  6. Balance the payroll account (when statement is received from bank).
    •  Run CHKSTA/RECONCILE or PAYREC to reconcile checks.
    •  Run CHKSTS to generate an outstanding check register.
      • Print Option = P (Paid)
      • Check Type= A (All Checks)
      • Check Selection/Issue Date/Reconciliation Date = all fields should blank
  •  7. Run BENACC (if applicable).
    •  Accrual = Use for vacation and/or sick leave.
    •  Reset = Use for personal leave.
    •  PLTOSI = Use to convert unused personal leave to sick leave.
    •  PLTOPAY = Use to convert unused personal leave to pay.