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This procedure outlines the steps for NWOCA districts to follow to close the USAS month-end 


Table of Contents

 Month-End Closing

  •  1. Enter all transactions for the current month
  •  2. Attempt to reconcile USAS records with your bank(s):
    •  Perform bank reconciliation procedure
      • In the USAEMSEDT program, option 1, enter your cash reconciliation information
    •  Run BALCHK , and Outstanding PODETL reports
      • Examine the MTD, YTD, and FYTD expenditure lines on BALCHK report (dollar amounts for cash, budget, & approp. accts should all be identical for each line on report
      • Examine the MTD, YTD, and FYTD revenue lines on BALCHK report (dollar amounts for cash and revenue accounts should be identical for each line on report)
      • Compare Current Encumbered totals from the BALCHK and Outstanding PODETL reports. They should be identical…….. if not execute the FIXENC to correct and regenerate BALCHK and compare totals. If the totals still do not balance contact NWOCA personnel for assistance.

      Run FINSUMM, selecting "Y" to generate the FINDET report for comparison.

      This will cause the FINDET report to be generated with identical selection criteria as the FINSUMM and will determine if it balances with FINSUMM.

      • The total will display on the screen when run is complete. Compare the total from the FINDET and FINSUMM, they should be identical