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The manual check process can be used to pay an employee who was missed when processing the original pay run. All checks created using the manual check process will be associated with the pay run chosen when beginning the manual check process. 

Step-by-step guide

  1. Access Manual Checks using the menu (HR/Entry & Processing) or the search box.
  2. Verify (change if not using the most recent pay run) the pay run details displayed on the screen and then click the green 'OK' button.
  3. Click 'Yes' after verifying this is the pay run you wish to work with. Image Modified
  4. Add the first employee.
    1. Use the magnifying glass to find and select the employee.
    2. Click the green 'OK' to move the cursor to the timecard section of the screen.
    3. Enter (or verify) the employee's timecard data.
    4. Click the green 'OK' to move the cursor to the hours/days/weeks field below the timecard grid.
    5. Enter days and weeks if necessary for the employee.
    6. Click the green 'OK' to move the cursor to the check info tab. 


Include PAYXXXM control number when processing Vendor Checks
The PAYXXXM accounts payable control number must be included when processing vendor checks for any payroll deduction checks run for any deductions withheld during the manual check run. The pipe symbol, |, should be used to separate multiple control numbers.

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