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NWOCA- USAS Month-End Closing Procedure

This procedure outlines the steps to be taken to close the USAS month-end

 Month-End Closing

Δ  1)  Enter all transactions for the current month

Δ  2)  Attempt to reconcile USAS records with your bank(s):

Ο  A) Perform bank reconciliation procedure

◊  In the USAEMSEDT program, option 1, enter your cash reconciliation information

Ο  B) Run BALCHK , and Outstanding PODETL reports

◊  Examine the MTD, YTD, and FYTD expenditure lines on BALCHK report (dollar amounts for cash, budget, & approp. accts should all be identical for each line on report)


◊  Compare Current Encumbered totals from the BALCHK and Outstanding PODETL reports. They should be identical…….. if not execute the FIXENC to correct and regenerate BALCHK and compare totals. If the totals still do not balance contact NWOCA personnel for assistance.

Ο  C) Run FINSUMM, selecting "Y" to generate the FINDET report for comparison.

◊  This will cause the FINDET report to be generated with identical selection criteria as the FINSUMM and will determine if it balances with FINSUMM.


If all above steps are performed and totals all agree, you are in balance and may proceed.

Δ  3)  *****Optional Step (SM1/SM2) ****** From your *NORMAL account, run the SM2CALC program. The SM2CALC calculates the SM2 for the month, print the resulting report.

Monthly Copy

Δ  4)  Log into your "B" account and at the menu prompt enter the command:


titleBEWARE of anything the computer displays on your screen which contains the word "error"

 %COPY-E-OPENIN, error opening NBA:[GLORE.TEST]ACCT.IDX;2 as input -RMS-E-FLK, file currently locked by another user


Provided no messages appears in the form described above, the user may proceed.

Monthly CD/Reports

Δ  5)  Log into your "B" account and at the menu prompt enter the command:


◊  You will be prompted whether you want to generate the reports for NOW or LATER. (NOW would cause it to run immediately and LATER will run at night.) We recommend LATER to relieve load on the system during the day.


-xx meaning the two character abbreviation used for your districts archive account

Δ  6)  Please verify that the reports appear on the web page and are correct.


If the user would like hard copies of the month-end reports, it is STRONGLY recommended that the user generate and print the majority of the large reports at night via the QUEBATCH system, otherwise, please use the MONTHLYCD program.

Δ  7)  Generate any additional month-end reports from your "B" account


Δ  8)  Log into your NORMAL account and run the ADJUST program.

◊  Indicate to the program that you desire to perform month end processing and you are indeed completed with processing for that month. The ADJUST program will also automatically calculate your SM2 for the month.