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  • Five Year Forecast Submission Checklist

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  • Once you determine the data is ready to be submitted to ODE, click on the "Collection Requests" tab and then click on "Certify and Submit".
  • At this time, attach the forecast assumptions/notes.  Click on 'BROWSE' to select the file (may be in .TXT or PDF format) and then click on 'upload file'.  The 'Required File Status' should change to show the file was uploaded and will be included with the submission.
  • Once the assumptions/notes have been successfully uploaded, checkmark the "I certify this collection" box. Add any comments if desired.
  • Click on "Certify & Submit" at the bottom left-hand side of the screen. The data will then be submitted to ODE.
  • To review the status of your submission, click on the "Submission" tab. Click on the arrow to the left of the forecast reporting period to display the current status of the submissions you processed.

Ο  10) Verifying both Required Files were successfully submitted to ODE

  • To verify that both your forecast and assumptions were submitted to ODE, click on the "Archives" tab.  
  •  In the "Collections Request" box, select the appropriate 'P' period.  The Archive Type should be defaulted to 'Submissions Only".   Click on 'List Archives"  to display the zip file.

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  • Click on the 'zip' file to save the zipped contents to your computer.
  • Once you open the zip folder, it will include:
    • Assumptions in PDF format
    • Forecast data (QF_FORECAST_REC) in CSV format
    • 'Submitted' file which includes a total number of forecast line records included in the submission

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