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  •  1. Click on the above report definition to download it to your machine 
  •  2. Log into USASR
  •  3. Go to Report/Report Manager 
    • Click on Image Modified


      • Select the report definition 'Catch up extract for inventory items'


      • Click on 'Save' 

  •  4. Generate the report  
    • Format should stay as CSV as the output will be in the exact layout needed for the EIS import program 
    • Select the Beginning and Ending Object code that you want to pull into this report
    • Enter the Start Invoice Date (recommended the day you went live with the Redesign)
    • Enter the End Invoice Date (should be 12/4/2018 as the fix to the invoice flagging went out on 12/5/2018)
    • Enter the threshold amount (greater than or equal to)


      With the options shown below it will pull all 500 and 600 object codes with an invoice date of 11/1/2018 to 12/4/2018 where the line item is $300.00 or more.

      Image Modified
  •  5. Save the output file (If you open the file you may have to reformat some columns as a CSV will drop all leading zeroes.)
  •  6. File transfer the .CSV file into reflections - file transfer type should be ASCII
  •  7. Log into reflections
  •  8. Go to the EISIMPR program.  
      • Enter in your Import file name and execute the program

    • Review the output file EISIMPR.TXT for any errors. All the invoice items contained on the extract from Redesign should now be on the EIS Pending file
  •  9. Continue processing inventory as you normally would pulling the items from the EIS pending file.