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  • Known Issues with EMIS Reporting for PowerSchool
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Reporting Period







When scrolling through a group of students, test scores might appear duplicated. If you leave the student and return,

the duplication will disappear. For now, ignore the duplication.

13KFAKRAL (GO) records for students admitted on 10/1 are not extractedClosed



KRAL (GO) records for student attending, withdrew and re-admitted are not extracting



AllState TabsIE-9 state tabs are unusableOpen 1/14/2013

Records not extracting for all students

13KFSRequires an admitted to and withdrawn from IRN incorrectlyClosed2/13/2013

13K & 13N

FAIf a student has an admission date set to "********", spaces or 0/0/0 in an FS history record, the FA extract won't run

No case reported to Pearson.

District must update records

Testing records on the FA tab of PowerSchool are prevented from being saved properly even though you get no error.  Once the screen refreshes following a click of the 'save' button , the records may not be displayed appropriately. 

AllAllIE10 state tabs do not function properlyKnown issue with Pearson4/17/2013
13NGD If the GD Extract Viewer has been populated with records, the Extract Viewer produces HTTP Status 500 errors. RESOLVED5/30/2013 
13NFNBuilding IRN for Majority of Attendance IRN  is not defaulting properly causing FN.0006 error on the Level 1 report.  Any IRN with a leading zero or multiple zeroes may see this issue.   Districts will need to use the FN extract version 2.7.RESOLVED5/30/2013
13NGD In order for the new GD to run, an action date must be filled in. Districts can/should run the old discipline GD extract for now if they did not use the action date on any or some of their records.  Closed 7/1/2013
 AllFA The FA tab is not functioning properly when updating and or adding in new records in PS version 7.8.1 and 7.8.2 it puts 100 in the the test area and ** in the test grade level Appears resolved 8/28/2013
 14K HQT Teacher Sheets Some courses for some teachers do not appear on this report.  Pearson notified us that this is due to the Subject Codes, although having been updated for courses and other reports, were never updated for the HQT Teacher Sheets report. RESOLVED 10/15/2013
 13GFA The (FA) Student Assessment records report is not extracting Summer OGT test results. Escalated Case to Pearson10/9/2013 
 13GFN The FN is including students outside the date ranges selected when running for 13G - IE - early graads for FY14 are being included when they have a 99 withdraw reason and have a wd and diploma date greater than the schools first day of school for 13/14.  Case up to Pearson 10/24/2013 
14KFDIdentical records are getting extracted when a student leaves and then returns to school.  This is causing EMIS errors with multiple FD records.  This has been escalated to Pearson.  For the time being the old FD extract is still available at the bottom of the state reports list.  This report runs correctly.  Continue using the old FD until you hear back that the issue has been resolved.Escalated Case to Pearson11/27/2013


FA extract issue:

When attempting to run the FA record extract, this is failing with an SQL error and the FA extract will not complete.


DN errors:

The DN record extract for Ohio reporting period "N" is including data

elements for reporting report "K" and it should not be. These extra

elements are generating an error in the EMIS-R data collector when

processing for "N".


DL extract issue:

When the state extracts for the DL record run, grade 14 as it is stored

in PowerSchool is not being pulled as Ohio reporting grade 23. This is

generating an error in EMIS-R when processing for reporting period "N"


Known Issues in the PowerSchool EMIS Extracts

December 30

An error is being generated in the EMIS-R data collector, FS.0030, for students that have had an event requiring a new 'History' record be created and that event occurred prior to October count week.  This will be a single error for the student.  The extract is counting all the days the student has been enrolled at your district as attendance days for the closed FS record and this is not correct calculations. The workaround for this is to enter a value in the EMIS attendance override fields on the open FS record.  We recommend districts enter 001.00 in the total school year attendance field field for now.  The value will have to be removed prior to "N" reporting.  Entering this will eliminate the EMIS-R error and allow the student to be reported.  ODE ignores the values in the total attendance fields during "K" reporting.

December 30

When extracting the GC records, the credit earned is not accurate when a partial credit is granted.  For example, a credit of 1.2 is not being reporting to EMIS right and will generate an error in the Data Collector.  The error does not preven the student fdrom being included in the collection, on the GC record affected is excluded.

November 16

There appears to be an issue in PowerSchool when doing a Transfer Out and then immediately going to the State/Province - OH screen.  The error will cause pages of code to appear and periodically, the program will generate a stack dump.  This has been reported to Pearson.  For now, you can return to the start page and everything will reset itself.


Resolved Known Issues

December 19

FS – Attendance days too high for count week on random students; Status: This issue has been reported to Pearson


November 15

GQ – No records extract for some districts; Status: This issue has been reported to Pearson

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