Class Rank Issue

We have been made aware of a known issue with the automated (daily, weekly, monthly, etc) class ranking calculation frequency. Apparently when the rank runs automatically, it is not deleting the previous rank thus creating duplicate records. 

For more information and to vote on this issue, reference PowerSource #67029.

If your district has the class rank calculation frequency set to run automatically and you see students listed multiple times on the Class Ranking report, please contact Student Services and we will assist you. 

Java Update 45

Please be aware Pearson posted an alert in PowerSource concerning Java update 45.  This update is preventing PowerTeacher from running properly.   See PowerSource article 70834 for full details.

Mobile Apps

We are getting reports that district servers can not be located when attempting to connect to PowerSchool and PowerTeacher mobile apps for teachers, parents and students.  You will need to be in the District office > District under Setup > Miscellaneous > check the box to "Disable PowerSource Registration" and Submit. Then go back to the page and uncheck the box to enable PowerSource Registration and Submit again.  You may have to wait about 45 minutes for it to cycle through the system before you attempt to find your district on a mobile device.

Something in the upgrade to 7.8.1 seems to have impacted this processing and a reset with PowerSource has been resolving it.  

Quick Lookup - Classes are Out of Order

You may be expecting the Quick Lookup screen to list the classes in order by period, but they are not, this could be due to the Day and Period Precedence setting in the Scheduling Preferences.

For more information, visit PowerSource articles #7107 and #70443.  In the articles you will read that the below workaround resolves the issue, but for others it does not.

Choose the School > School under Setup > scroll down to the Scheduling links, click on Preferences.  Change the Sorting - Class Day and Period Precedence setting to Day then Period and Submit. Go back to the Preferences page and change the sorting back to Period then Day and Submit. 

Attendance Conversions after EOY

There is a reported issue with Pearson regarding the attendance conversion getting wiped out after running EOY.  This may have affected your PowerSchool instances.  Double check that your conversions still exist by going to each building, School Setup, Attendance Conversions and click on the word, "Defined".  You will need to re-enter the information if it is not there.  For more information and screensheets: Click Here

AutoComm Fails when Running Automatically

There is a reported issue with Pearson regarding the AutoComm jobs failing when run automatically.  Districts are able to run them manually without issue, but the scheduled runs always fail.  Pearson has indicated that it is due to a product defect and will be fixed in a future release of PowerSchool.

PowerTeacher Mobile App Attendance Issue

After upgrading PowerSchool to the attendance no longer self populates into the attendance box, a keyboard appears instead. When going to the Attendance Chair, then selecting an attendance code and clicking into the student's attendance field the code is not populated into the field. You have to manually type the appropriate attendance code within the field via the keyboard in order for it to save properly.(PowerSource Article 69623)

Powerschool Attendance Issue

We have been made aware of an issue within PowerSchool that could allow an /admin user with read-only access to student attendance the ability to update student attendance.  Pearson is aware of the problem and is working to correct it.  In the meantime,  if your district has any users that log into the /admin interface with read-only and you do not want them making updates to attendance, you will want to consider making changes in the document found here.  Attendance Issue.pdf 

Display issue when “dropping class(es)” in POWERSCHEDULER  

When using the list view schedule screen in PowerScheduler, which many prefer over the manually schedule student matrix view with check boxes, there is a known issue that causes intermittent display issues.  When you drop a student out of a class(es), that request should be visible at the bottom of the screen as an “unfilled request” after the drop.  On occasion, the dropped class will disappear from the bottom of the schedule view as a request.  That request is beneficial and often needed for reference when updating the student schedule.   Student Services has successfully used a work around with reporting schools to get the drop class(es) to display as it should.  You simply select another student and then go right back to the student you were working on and dropped class(es) will now display.  This is a known issue with Pearson and for additional information on the topic, refer to PowerSource article 60810.

IE10 is not a supported web browser.

While you can run PowerSchool in compatibility mode, the tabs within the state/province screens do not function properly.  Please caution your staff before they update to IE10.

“The system encountered an error while accessing the database. Please contact your system administrator.”


In some environments, after making a selection of students and performing an action on the selection users are intermittently receiving an error in the browser: “The system encountered an error while accessing the database. Please contact your system administrator.”


An intermittent error is thrown in the browser window:

Alert: Error encountered while accessing database. The system encountered an error while accessing the database. Please contact your system administrator.

Reproduction Steps

Users have reported the issue occurs after making a selection of students and then trying to perform an action on the selection, the issue is intermittent.


Going back to the Start Page in PowerSchool and reselecting or making a new selection of students can clear the error.


This issue is under investigation and has been reported to development.

- - -

If you wish to confirm this issue, make a note of the time when the error occured and examine the dalx.log file on the server, the following type of entry will be seen:

[3028/242/1361832897639] Feb 25, 2013 4:54:57 PM

com.powerschool.dalxcore.access.proxy.ConnectionProxy$5 use

SEVERE: Error processing sql=select Students.*, (select

count(Students.DCID) from tmpdalx_3028_17,Students where

(tmpdalx_3028_17.DCID=Students.DCID)) from tmpdalx_3028_17,Students

where (tmpdalx_3028_17.DCID=Students.DCID)

java.sql.SQLException: ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

For more information please view:

PowerTeacher Grade Book not Launching on a Mac

With the upgrade to PowerSchool 7.6, reports have been made regarding the PowerTeacher Gradebook not launching on older versions of the Mac operating systems (OS 10.5) with Safari.  A potential work around is:

In Safari go into the Java Preferences and then to priority list and move 6 to the top while leaving 5 in there (if you remove it – neither browser works) the safari worked.

This is a work around only.  Pearson does not support this version of the Mac Operating System.  Reference PowerSource #67283

PowerTeacher Passwords Reset to Previous Password

This is a known issue, explained in PowerSource article #66736; it is caused by modifications made to teacher staff records, most likely on the Edit Information page. It has been corrected in the next version of PowerSchool (7.2.3).

Score Format on Transcripts

Since the update to PowerSchool 7.2.2 the test scores are printing in a 00.00 format.  For example, on PS 6.x the ACT score would print as a 24.  Now in 7.2.2 the score prints as a 24.0.  If you wish to change this, you will need to add format=##0 within the score area of the tests.

Here is an example of the coding in version 6.x:

<tabc 5.3>^(tests;name=ACT_1;score=ACT_1_ENG;type=num;result=value)

Here is an example update to the formatting in 7.2.2:

<tabc 5.3>^(tests;name=ACT_1;score=ACT_1_ENG;format=##0;type=num;result=value)

PowerTeacher Seating Charts

In PowerSchool 7.2.2, there is a known issue with the PowerTeacher GradeBook seating chart.  When entering a description in the Edit Layout area for the seating chart, no special characters can be entered.  For example, an 'enter/carriage return', a 'tab' can not be used.

If teachers are seeing instances where their seating chart is not loading for a course/section combination, it is likely caused by the above issue.  Feel free to contact us to initiate the correction with Pearson as needed.  As reference, this issue is identified and explained in Knowledgebase # 66686.

OH State Data Not Saving When Editing a Log Entry

If the log entry page includes some state specific custom log entry fields, the data in those fields will be appended to information in the Custom log entry field. This is okay if your district does not use the Custom log entry field but If your district does use it, any value entered into this field will be preceded by the custom state fields. Another impact of this field is that some or all of the data entered in any of the state fields will not be displayed in the actual state fields once the record is saved, but will appear in the Custom Field on the Log page. The data will be saved to the fields (and will show in DDE) but will not display on the page when viewing the records. Do not use the Custom log entry field if your log entry page also has state specific fields. You will want to 'hide' this field by doing the following: 1. Go to District Office > District Setup > Log Entry Fields. 2. Find the "Custom" Field on the page and change the sort order to '(Hide)'. This is found in the last column on the page. 3. Click Submit to save the changes. For any data that was previously entered in the state fields and for that data to show in the correct fields you will need to re-enter the data. Once the data has been re-entered and the record submitted, the data will remain for display in the expected fields.

Error Obtaining Students

If you are storing grades and receive this error message, the problem is with a student's name being greater than 36 characters long.  You may have to take out the student's middle name in order to proceed.

Email Message for:

From: PS Update Report []
Sent: Monday, July 30, 2012 3:23 PM
Subject: PS Update Report: (Your school abbreviation)-PS-7

The update server address has been cleared due to an update. Please reset it to the new update server address for this version.

This message is informational and can be ignored.

PT Administrator Launch Error

When attempting to launch PowerTeacher Administrator from the PT Administrator link on the Start Page an Apache Tomcat error is returned:


To resolve the error, the user's staff record must be modified.

  • From the Start Page click on Staff and query the user experiencing the issue:


  • Click on Security Settings, reset the users Admin Password and click Submit to save changes:


PowerTeacher Administrator should now launch:


HTTP Status 500 Error When Attempting to Navigate to ANY Page in PowerSchool or PowerTeacher

An HTTP Status 500 error with a NonUniqueResultsException occurs when any link is selected on the PowerSchool start page. This issue is usually the result of a bug in the "Migrate Existing Custom Pages" function related to Custom Page Management (CPM). As of PowerSchool version this is still a known issue. Due to this bug, it is recommended that you DO NOT use the "Migrate Existing Custom Pages" function and instead import/upload each page or package individually into CPM. Please refer to the pdf file for more information: HTTP Status 500 Error.pdf