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What is on OnBase?

OnBase is a hosted documenting imaging soution that is housed at TCCSA, managed by the district housed and supported by NWOCA staff.  Pricing is based on an annual re-curring ADM cost by feature.  There are no startup hardware costs, the district signs up for the service.  A prelimiary call with TCCSA and NWOCA staff will be required to determine district needs and to dermine costs.  If you you require a pricing sheet please contact Joe Prchlik

Why is Fiscal Integration based on ADM? functionality and work level are probably the same regardless of school size?

The support model was put in place to provide a customary pricing schedule that districts are already used to. We studied the startup costs to include the licenses in the base model and came up with an ADM cost for recovery of the licenses, maintenance, and anticipated support.The ADM of the district does also determine the number of documents/images that will be administered in any given district (for the most part).

What is the cost of additional concurrent user licenses?

Concurrent licenses


Disconnected Scan License


Concurrent licenses are pooled. This is where there are economies of scale.

Can you explain the integration with student records, what software package is required for that to work (DASL/eSIS/PowerSchool)?

This does not exist today.It will need to be developed and we do plan to do so.We envision the integration to be primarily for student transcripts. We have the pricing in place for when we have this developed and we will work with you on a PowerSchool solution if you are interested.There is still some debate over what is needed in this area since building an integration to an SIS may or may not be necessary.The student transcript is not a regular event and we have other methods of importing the images into Onbase.

Can multiple scanner copiers be used to scan to a network folder? The disconnected scan license does or does require license per device, or is it just he person importing the documents?

Yes. The disconnected scan license is for a workstation. When the images are scanned to a folder, a shared workstation can be used to index the documents from the folder.The disconnected scan module provides for more rapid indexing and it can index documents from any number of scanners.The license is workstation-based…not scanner-based.

IEP records are kept for students by the District, ESC and JVS in some cases.If folders are created for IEP documents can they be shared between the organizations rather than each entity keeping their own copy?

Yes. We can setup the user accounts and security in any manner. The entity who ‘owns’ the records will probably license the application. They can have users from other entities… we do not care. They simply use a concurrent license when they are logged in just like anyone else.

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