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Common Client Settings

Typically when setting up an email client, calendar application, or address book, they will ask you for 5 pieces of information that is specific to the email host.  For NWOCA, you will need the following settings:

Exchange Version: Microsoft Exchange 2010
Username: your full email address (cgoldfuss@otherschool.local)
Password: your email password

How do I sync my Exchange email, contacts & calendar with my iPhone or iPad?

  • Go to Settings on the iPad
  • Go to Mail, Contacts, Calendars on the left-hand pane
  • Below Accounts, choose Add Account...
  • Choose Microsoft Exchange
  • Enter:
  • Wait for account to verify
  • Confirm your settings and that Server is listed as ''.  If you do not see '' listed next to server, enter the following:
  • Choose Next
  • Select the items you would like to synchronize: Mail, Contacts, Calendars and/or Reminders (Tasks)
  • Choose Save

By default, you will be synchronizing the past 3 days of e-mail. You can edit the account to adjust this setting, if needed

How do I sync my Exchange email, contacts & calendar with my Android Smartphone?

1) Open the Settings Application on your phone

2) Select Add account

3) Select Corporate

4) Enter your email addresspassword, and select Next

5) For Domain\Username, enter: districtland\your_username.  For Server, enter: and selectNext

6) Optionally customize the settings as you see fit and select Next

7) Optionally add a name for this account select Next

8) Your NWOCA email account has now been activated on your phone.  You can sync your Exchange email, contacts and calendar with your Android Smartphone.

How do I sync my Exchange email, contacts & calendar with my Blackberry Smartphone?

To sync your email, contacts & calendar to your Blackberry Smartphone, you must connect to NWOCA's Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES).  To get a NWOCA BES account, please email your request to the Hardware Group and a NWOCA Technician will be in contact.

How do I setup iCal to sync my Exchange calendar?


Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) introduced the ability to use Mail, iCal, and Address Book with a Microsoft Exchange server.  Here are instructions on how to setup iCal to sync and share your Exchange Calendar.


1) Open iCal on your computer and select iCal -> Preferences.


2) Select the Accounts tab and click the + button.


3) Select "Exchange 2010" for the Account type, type your name, enter your email address and password.  Then click Create.


4) Enter a description.  For User name type in your full email address.  Next to Server address enter: - If you wish to setup your Mail and Address Book to sync with Exchange, you can select those options.  If you plan on sharing your calendar with other Exchange users, you MUST select the Address Book contacts option.


5) If all you want to sync is your own calendar, you can stop here.  If you plan to share your calendar with other users, here is how.  Select the Delegation tab in your accounts settings.


6) To access another users calendar, click the + button and start to type the persons name or email address.  This box should automatically pull the users from your Address Book.  Click on the user to gain access.


7) If you want to allow other users to access your calendar click on the Edit button in the Delegation tab.


8) In the pop-up window, click the + button and start to type the persons name or email address that you want to allow access.  The field will automatically pull your contacts from your Address Book.  Click on the users name to allow access.


9) Once the user is added, you will have options to setup permission levels for your Calendars and Tasks.

How do I setup my Exchange account in Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac?


In Microsoft Office 2011, Microsoft has renamed the Entourage application to Outlook for Mac.  Here are the instructions to add your NWOCA Exchange account:


1) The first time you lauch Outlook for Mac, you can click on the "Add Account" button.


2) Click the "Exchange Account" button.


3) Enter the following information:
E-mail address: your full email adress
Method: User Name and Password
User name: districtland\your_user_name
Password: your email password
Uncheck "Configure automatically"


4) Once you click "Add Account" your email, calendar and contacts will sync with Outlook for Mac.

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