Admin OU Controls

Security > Authentication > 2-Step Verification

Google Admin Help Documentation:

  • OU based
  • Turn on (checkbox)
  • Enforce (if not enforced, users can decide the following)
    • New User Enrollment Period (if enforced)
    • Trusted Devices (if enforced)
    • Methods (if enforced, limited options)
      • Any
      • Removing Text/Phone Calls (some government entities are not allowed to use these forms of 2FA)
      • Security Key only
        • Grace Period for Security Key only enforcement
        • Security codes for Security Key only enforcement

Individual User Controls: Disabling & Backup Codes

Select User > Security > 2-step verification

  • Turn it off (user must re-enroll to turn back on)
  • Get Backup Verification Codes (if in an enforced OU and the grace period has ended)

Recommendation - allow everyone to turn on 2FA including students (admin can always remove as necessary - if you already have to reset their password, you can do it all in the same screen - simple)

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