2021 Wage and Tax Statement
W2 BoxState Software Explanation
ASSN as entered in BIOSCN
BEmployer Federal EIN as entered in W2PROC
CDistrict name and address as entered in W2PROC

Name as entered in BIOSCN

Legal name always prints, in non-blank. If Legal name is blank, uses Name field.

FAddress as entered on BIOSCN
1YTD taxable gross on 001 DEDSCN
2YTD deduct total on 001 DEDSCN
3YTD taxable gross on 692/693 DEDSCN flagged with deduction category of F
4YTD deduct total on 692/693 and 694/695 DEDSCN flagged with deduction category of F
5YTD taxable gross on 692/693 DEDSCN flagged with deduction category of M
6YTD deduct total on 692/693 and 694/695 DEDSCN flagged with deduction category of M
10Dependent care amount on 001 DEDSCN or YTD deduct total on any DEDSCN with type DPCARE
CCost of life insurance over $50,000
D401(k) amounts
F408(k) (6)
H501c (18) (d)
JNon taxable sick pay
PExcludable moving expenses - Armed Forces only
REmployer contributions to an Archer MSA
TAdoption benefits
WEmployer contributions to Health Savings Accounts
AADesignated Roth contributions to section 401(k) plan
BBDesignated Roth contributions under section 403 (b) salary reduction agreements
DDCost of employer-sponsored health coverage
EEDesignated Roth contributions under a governmental section 457(b) plan
FFUse this code to report the total amount of permitted benefits under a QSEHRA The maximum reimbursement for an eligible employee under a QSEHRA is $5,3000 ($10,700 if it also provides reimbursements for family members), before indexing for Inflation.

Retirement Plan:


14Leased vehicle amount and COVID amounts as entered on 001 DEDSCN or any other deduction amounts entered in W2PROC
14Fringe Benefits
15State ID name as entered in W2PROC
16YTD taxable gross amount on 002 DEDSCN
17YTD deduct total on 002 DEDSCN
18YTD taxable gross amount on all City DEDSCN
19YTD deduct total on all City DEDSCN
20W2 abbreviation as entered in DEDNAM
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