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This document outlines the steps needed to take at the end of the fiscal year for USPS/EMIS.

  • Run USPEMS/USPEMX to create the flat file for EMIS reporting. (USPEMX.SEQ) 

  • Send an email to mail_staff_fis@nwoca stating that you have ran the USPEMX procedure and the file has been created. 

  • Wait for a reply email from NWOCA stating that the USPEMX.SEQ file has been archived. 

  • Run the EMX_EMAIL process from the USPS_LCL menu to email the USPEMX.SEQ file to yourself. 

  • If you are responsible for loading staff data for EMIS. If staff data for the previous year was reported using EMISFFE, this data will need to be cleared out. You then have the choice to either upload the USPEMX.SEQ file to EMISFFE or to the SIF data collector or email the USPEMX.SEQ file to your EMIS coordinator, if they are responsible for loading this data. 

  • If your district reports CJ records and a USPEMX_EMISR.SEQ file has been created the EMISR_COPY procedure found under the USPS_LCL menu must be ran in order to get the file uploaded to the data collector. 

    If changes are required for a staff record after the data has been loaded into the EMISFFE those changes can be made directly in the EMISFFE.


    If changes are required for a staff record after the data has been loaded using the SIF data collector. Those changes will need to be made in the fiscal year archive files. The USPEMX.SEQ file will then need to be created in the archive files and then that file will need to be uploaded to the SIF data collector.


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