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 1. Open the Filezilla program by going to "Programs" located under your START menu or clicking on the Filezilla icon on your desktop and login


username: sample_sg

password: NWOCA account password

If you have logged in at least once before with the account you can do a "Quickconnect"



The left side of the Filezilla menu is the LOCAL SYSTEM. The LOCAL SYSTEM is your PC side. The right side is the REMOTE SITE. The REMOTE SITE is your NWOCA side. It contains the files stored in whichever NWOCA account you are curently logged into.

2.  Choose your transfer type or leave it as AUTO.

 ASCII – CSV (spreadsheets)

Binary- PDF files

AUTO – Program is smart enough to know which type


3. On the LOCAL SYSTEM click on the file you want to transfer and drag and drop it to the REMOTE SITE.

Any errors will be displayed in the top or bottom of the Filezilla screen

 4. Close the Filezilla program

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