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  • 1.  Payroll has been completed thru the actual option of  PAYDED.
  • 2.  All payroll and 'other' .BATCH files have posted.
  • 3.  Verify USPSDAT/USPCON, SERS Period Closing Date is set  properly
    Just to NOTE: SERS Period Closing Date is used to determine the current posting period on import. So, if the district is currently processing August in classic (i.e. running August payrolls) then the closing date on USPCON should be 07/2018
  • 4.  Assure if Quarter is closed in Classic and you want to balance  Quarter in the Redesign that USPCON/SERS Closing Date is set to month prior.
  • 5.  In USPSDAT/DEDNAM, verify all vendors have data in Street, City, State, and Zip fields.
  • 6.  In USPSDAT/DEDNAM, verify all like vendors have the same address.
  • 7.  In USPSDAT/PRGPED, verify all pay groups are assigned to  a job calendar. 
  • 8.  Run QRTRPT. In the totals section, verify the 'DIFFERENCE  IN GROSS' is zero. If not, correct any discrepancies before  proceeding.
  • 9.  Run W2PROC (not creating a tape file). Verify and correct (if applicable) any errors.
  • 10.  Run STRSAD/Option 1 – Projection. Review the STRSAD.RPT, STRSAD.TXT, and NONADV.TXT reports.  Correct any issues.
  • 11.  Purge any new contracts, if applicable.
  • 12.  If using the Kiosk, verify the email address used in the Kiosk matches the first email address listed on the employee's USPSCN/BIOSCN Email field.
  • 13.  Verify RETIRE/STRSMONTH has been run.  If it has not, run and assure 'Clear STRS MTD Accumulators' field is set to Y.
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