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This a list of classes that may be offered either as scheduled classes or at district inservice or regional inservice events.

For a list of the currently scheduled classes click the link (Currently Scheduled Classes)

Google Classes

Getting Started with the ChromebookThis session focuses on getting comfortable with the Chromebook. Learn how to navigate on the Chromebook, some tips and tricks, how to efficiently use the trackpad, and the benefits of using a Chromebook. The Chrome web store will also be introduced as well as basic apps and extensions to make your life easier. (1 hour)

Google Drive - Docs, Presentations, and Organization

This session will focus on getting started with Google Drive.  Learn how to create documents and presentations and share them out with other people for collaboration. Learn also how to organize your Google Drive account with colors, folders, and tricks to naming files. Come to this session with your school or personal google account already created. (2 hours)

Google Chrome - Apps and ExtensionsAre you using Google Chrome and looking to do more with it?  With your Google account, you have access to a whole library of Applications and Extensions.  We will discuss productivity apps/ extensions, time savers, photo editing, video editing, and many more.  Bring your Chromebook if you have one or you can use the Chrome browser. (2 hours)
Google Forms and FlubarooDo you want to collect information quickly from your students, staff members, and/or parents?  Google Forms allows you the ability to do this quickly, easily, and with an organized spreadsheet.  You can even create quizzes and tests in a Google Form. Flubaroo is an add on to Google that will grade the form for you.  Come to this session to learn more ways to use Google in the classroom. (2 hours)
Google Doctopus, Goobrics and Sheets - Oh My!Do these terms sound greek to you?  They might, but these tools can be extremely beneficial in the classroom. Doctopus is an octopus for documents.  It allows teachers the ability to mass-copy, share, and manage grading and feedback.  Goobric will create a rubric for you to easily use, and spreadsheets keep it all organized.  Come to this session to see the magic of Google.  (2 hours)
Google Goodies

Are you using your Google Drive or Gmail account, but know there is so much more to Google than just that? This session will focus on all the other Google Goodies that are out there. Some of the goodies covered include, but are not limited to, Google Groups, Google Hangouts, Google Calendar, Google Sites, and more! (2 hours)

Learning Management Systems

MyBigCampus Overview

My Big Campus by Lightspeed systems offers access to your classroom inside and outside of the classroom walls. Students can log in to participate in discussion boards, take quizzes, and even go through a lesson bundle. Participants will explore all the features of MBC and walk away with a understanding of how to get started with it in the classroom.  Come to this session with your MBC school user name and password so that you can see how it works. (2 hours)

Moodle For Teachers

This class is for teachers who are just getting started with the Moodle CMS. Participants will learn how to navigate around Moodle,and setup their class.

Hands on sessions will include Adding Resources and activities to your class, and time to explore different core modules.   (1-2 hours)

 Schoology This class is an introduction to the Schoology LMS. The session covers creating an account, courses, course materials, updates, members, messaging, calendar events, assignments and groups. (1 hour)

This class is an introduction to the Edmodo LMS The session covers accounts,creating groups, adding users, managing course materials , messaging , Events, Announcements and Quizzes. (1 hour)

Google ClassroomThis session gets users acquainted to the NEW Google Classroom. We will set up some classes, get your students in your class, create assignments, discussions, and announcements. The participants will be shown how quickly and easily the students can get their assignments and how you can grade them. Participants will also be shown how Classroom automatically organizes everything for you, making your life easy when it comes to keeping track of student work. (1 hour)

Teacher Productivity


Cool Tools for Teachers

Some things are just too good not to share—utilities, productivity tools, software, and web-based applications—that can make teaching and learning more effective and efficient. Create your own “tool box” of things that will make your life easier. (2 hours)

There's an App for that!

There are so many apps out there for iOS on your iPad or iPhone. Which ones are being used in schools. What’s your favorite app. We will share some favorites and hope you have some to share with us. (2 hours)
PreziMove past the barriers of PowerPoint to create and edit presentations online with Prezi. Learn how to use Prezi to engage your students in lessons and creativity.  See how to collaborate with other teachers/ students on presentations. (2 hours)
Interactive Whiteboard BasicsThis class can be customized according to the system in place. Sessions have been developed for use with the Smartboard, ENO and Mimio systems.
Geek 101 for TeachersIf it seems like there is not enough time in the day to get everything done and you wish you were more efficient at email, time management, finding information on the internet and managing your digital lifestyle then this class is for you. (1-2 hours)
Adobe Acrobat ProfessionalThis class covers the basics of converting documents into fill-able forms using the Adobe Acrobat Professional Software. (1-2 hours)
Microsoft Excel Intermediate for SecretariesMany secretaries spend a lot of time in excel. This session will help you to hone your skills to better utilize commonly used features and commands to manipulate data from PowerSchool and other external sources.
Teacher WebsitesTraining is available for many of the popular teacher website tools including, Weebly, WordPress MU and Exponent CMS.

Tech and Information Literacy


Tech Readiness for PARCC/NextGen

This is a 1-2* hour presentation on resources for teachers and students to prepare and develop technology skills for the PARCC and NextGeneration online testing. The training goes over the  NWOCA PARCC website. * The 2 hour version allows time for teachers to take practice tests and more fully explore the website.

Learn how to use INFOhio’s Core Collection of Electronic Resources to support research-based activities and student collaboration correlated to Ohio’s Academic Content Standards. (1-2 hours)

Discovery Education StreamingDE Streaming has so much to offer the teacher than just the streaming videos we are used to. Explore some of the other 18 resource types available at DE streaming including: Explorations, Fun-damentals, Games, Clip Art, Math Explorations and more. (1-2 hours)
QR CodesYou have seen the new QR codes everywhere this year in education. This workshop looks at the QR code, how to make one and how to use in your classroom to easily link physical and digital media. Bring your existing worksheets and learn how to add QR codes to them. (1 hour)
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