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More Google Search Tips

You can use the search box at Google to search for more than just websites.

Visit the following link and learn about how to search for

  • Sunrise and Sunset
  • Unit Conversions
  • Calculator
  • Flight Tracking
  • Package Tracking

Google search tips

Google Translate

(1) Copy the text below (CTRL C) and go to Google Translate and paste into the box and see what it says.

Si usted puede leer este texto, entonces usted ha utilizado con éxito Google Translate para traducir del español al Inglés. Volver a la página wiki NWOCA y el apartado Copia (2.) Y volver aquí y pegar en esta ventana de Google Translate.

 (2) Esto es divertido! Podemos dar instrucciones en varios idiomas para nuestros estudiantes y hacer que explorar las lenguas extranjeras. Imagínese lo que una unidad de un país y darles sus instrucciones en un idioma diferente. El texto siguiente es en alemán. Copiar y pegar (3) y haga clic en convertir.

(3). Der folgende Text ist von einer echten Website, die in deutscher Sprache verfasst ist. iCab ist ein alternativer Web-Browser für den Apple Macintosh mit vielen nützlichen Funktionen, die andere Browser nicht alltäglich sind. Die Entwicklung von iCab ist noch nicht fertig, aber auf der Download-Seite, können Sie immer noch die neueste Version herunterladen. Es wird in unregelmäßigen Abständen Updates veröffentlicht werden. iCab free in einer leicht eingeschränkten Version und eine "Pro"-Version für 15 EUR oder 20 Dollar zur Verfügung. Der nächste Text ist in russischer Sprache.

(4) ?????-????????? ??? ???????? conscipted ???????? ?? ???? ??????, ???? ???????? ????????????? ???? ????? ????????? ? ????????? ??? ??? ???????????? ?????????? ?????????. ??????? ????? ??????? ?????????? ??????? ?????.

(5) Frábært! Þú hefur gert nokkrar þýðingar með Google þýðaég vona að þú geta hugsa af sumum notkun þessarar tækni í bekknum þínum.

Google Chrome

 Google Chrome is Google's web browser. Apart from being very fast and easy to use, it has the added feature that the URL box can be used for Google Searches and indeed any of the queries that you tried from the last section will work in Google chrome by typing them into the URL box.
In the above example we typed define acuity into the box and it returns.
If your computer has Google Chrome installed then open it up now and do a search for a word definition.

 Google Image Search

If your district has enabled image search then you will be able to take advantage of Google to find images to use in your classroom.
The search below was for "cows" click images to show the image search results only.
You can further refine your image search using the options which you can find in the left column if you scroll down.
In the above example we have narrowed the search to only show brown cows.
Note that you can narrow your results by choosing
  • Sizes
    • Large
    • Medium 
    • Small
    • By Size
  • Colors
  • Types
    • Face
    • Photo
    • Clip art
    • Line Drawing
Use the options to find a Teachers Apple as clip art to use on one of your classroom documents.
To copy it to your document right click on the picture and choose Copy Image (menu options vary according to browser)
Switch windows to your document and right click and choose Paste you can also choose CTRL V.

Google Maps

Google maps are a great way to explore your world and a great tool for use in the classroom either on the smartboard or just projected for the whole class to see.
Switch to Maps and Type "Times Square" into the search box.
Use the Zoom Slider (left side of map) to zoom in.
Lets look at the street view by dragging the little yellow man from the toolbar to Times Square on the map.
All the streets that have Streetview available will be lit up in blue.
When you drop the man you will be taken to streetview.
Use your mouse to drag and you can see 360 degrees.
Now put your home address into Google maps and then explore your neighborhood.
Is there a street view image of your home?

Even More

Choose More and then Even More to see a lot of what Google has to offer.

 Google Books

Click on More at the top of the Google box and do a search for a topic that interests you.
Here we did a search for Algebra 1
Each of the books has been scanned by Google and depending on copyright some or all may be viewable online.

Google Scholar

Click on More.. then Google Scholar to search for scholarly articles only.

Google Trends

Type in a search term and see trends for that topic on a timeline for the past decade.

Google Desktop Applications

We have already looked at Google Chrome but in addition to this there are a number of free applications that you can install on your computer (Mac or PC) that are available from the Google site.

Google Earth

This is a free virtual globe that allows you to explore the Earth. Many teachers are using Google earth for Social Studies and History topics and it is a good addition to your classroom computer.

Google earth with 3D layer turned on can show buildings and bridges.


Google Sketchup

The 3D buildings in Google Earth are created in Google Sketchup which is a 3D modeling application.


Picasa is a photo organizing and editing program.
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