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You have the ability to close purchase orders and their encumbrances without entering a final payment in Post or Batch Accounts Payable. You have the option to close an entire purchase order or selected line items within a purchase order. When you close an item, the system liquidates the encumbrance and changes the item's status to C (for closed).

Identifying Open PO/Encumbrances

  1. Main Menu→ Fund Accounting→ Reports→ Financial Statements→ Encumbrance Status Report
    1. It is recommended to not enter in a date range to make sure you are cleaning up everything that is necessary

    This report shows you what POs/Encumbrances are open. There is a separate line for each line of the PO that is still open. If you check mark the 'Subtotal by Encumbrance' on the report criteria you will get a PO total as well. To be sure that a 'Non-PO Payment' option was choose in Accounts Payable you will want to check the vendor history to see if that amount has already been paid. If the 'Non-PO Payment' option is chosen, the PO does not get closed.

Manually closing a PO/Encumbrance

  1. Main Menu→ Fund Accounting→ Periodic Processing→ Close Purchase Orders
    1. Enter in a control number - (usually suggest initials and date)
    2. Enter in the PO/Encumbrance number that you want to close and hit enter
      1. It will display all open line items for that purchase order check mark the ones you want to close or use the 'close all items' action button at the top to close them all. 
    3. Click Ok
    4. A confirmation box will appear asking if you are sure that you want to close the selected Po items without entering a final PO payment, say Yes and click ok
    5. PO/Encumbrances have been liquidated and item status is now set to C

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